Scott Anvick has been attending DeAnza CDI program since 2009.  He has taken the following classes:

The following are typical examples of SolidWorks projects created by Scott Anvick.  The examples are typically jpeg pictures; but some examples can be viewed with SolidWorks free EDrawing viewer which must be downloaded from SolidWorks.


Scott Anvick's SolidWorks Portfolio
Description Class Picture Zipped EDrawing File
A basic  crude bike frame.  This will eventually be used in a finite element analysis to determine the forces incurred in a bicycle/automobile accident Outside of Class Bike Frame Zipped Bike 3D Frame
Isotropic Plasma Etch Model to be used for fluid flow analysis Outside of Class Isotropic Plasma Fluid Model Zipped Iso 3D Model
Tech Challange Satellite Outside of Class Satellite Zipped Satellite
Over-mold example, Tooth brush, Surfaces CDI63 Toothbrush Zipped Toothbrush
Injection molded bottle with Surfaces CDI63 Bottle Zipped Bottle
Laddel, Example of  Complex Curves CDI63 Laddel Zipped Laddel
Clip Assembly with Surfaces CDI63 Zipped Clip
Compact Fluorecent Light Bulb CDI63 Lightbulb Zipped Bulb
Transfer Mechanism, SolidWorks Configurtions CDI62 3 Axis Transder Zipped Transfer
Drawing Example, Rod CDI61 Rod and Section
Drawing Example Coverplate CDI61 Coverplate
Drawing Example Tube, Section CDI61 Tube
A flashight light as a final project in beginning SolidWorks CDI60 SW flashlight
A guide and associated drawing CDI60 guide and drawing

last updated: 8/02/2010